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I love writing, food, and writing about food. I’ve covered health and wellness, career and lifestyle topics for TalentEgg.ca, 29Secrets.com, The National Post, Best Health magazine, This magazine, Workopolis.com and more. Other topics I love writing about include nutrition, human rights, animal rights and environmental issues. Writing is a beautiful and powerful way to connect with others and touch their lives in a positive way.

I admit it—I love managing and organizing things, whether it’s a schedule, a team or a sock drawer. That’s probably why I love copyediting and grammar so much. I’ve copyedited my school’s university newspaper, a fashion magazine called Plaid, Petpourri.ca and my various editorial work for websites. I have an eye for details and will pore over a piece until it’s perfect.

Laughter comes easily to me and chances are when you see me, I’ll be smiling. I love meeting new people and working as a team yet somehow also love working on my own (following, of course, a schedule—I love making schedules!). I love learning new things, taking on new tasks and challenging myself in a fast-paced setting.

My hobbies include writing and editing my novel; reading; spending time with my family, friends and my cat; cooking; going to Toastmasters meetings; and going on nature walks.

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Marisa Baratta


I am a writer, reader, copyeditor and a lover of literature. I love animals and being around people.

I love writing, especially about food, nutrition, health, environmental change, animal issues and human rights. I love helping others and writing about global issues that give us new perspectives. I think it’s important to make a positive difference in the world and to think about the feelings of others. You’ll understand more and you’ll be happier.

I have been writing since I was in senior kindergarten, starting with short stories and poetry and now writing novels and articles. With my novels, I seek to inspire and incite laughter.

Copyediting is my other passion. While working as the English Assistant Editor of Pro Tem, Glendon’s bilingual triweekly newspaper, I copyedited all English content (while also handling my duties as the bilingual Health & Wellness editor).  I have copyedited two non-fiction novels and an ebook. I have copyedited essays, magazine articles and was the co-chief copyeditor of On the Danforth magazine. I also copyedited for Plaid, a fashion magazine, and copyedit for Petpourri.ca.

I have been published in The National Postt.o. night newspaper and on several online magazines. I completed a B.A. with a specialization in English and a bilingual certificate at the beautiful Glendon campus of York University. I then specialized in the Book and Magazine Publishing certificate program at Centennial College.

Just goes to show: if you follow your heart, you can live your dreams!


  • Healthy Veg: all you need for simple, quick and healthy vegetarian recipes and restaurant reviews
  • Intern Hunt: an inside look into Toronto magazine and book internships
  • Unedited: a writer’s quotes and thoughts
  • More Than This: this book will never get published but it’s fun to read (written in gr.11)

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